Friday, April 29, 2011

In the Army Now

Hut 2, 3, 4! Hut 2, 3, 4! Attention, Halt! I've always had a special love for camouflage, even when it wasn't "in style". This is a mani I've been wanting to try but I thought it was gonna be really difficult, jokes on me ha-ha-ha-ha, it was actually quite easy. I think next time I'm gonna use some crazy colors or some non-military-approved colors I should say lol. Anyhow TGIF and happy Friday!

In the shade

In the sun

For the base I used Zoya's 'Shawn' , the brown I used Orly's 'Prince Charming', for the lighter green I mixed Zoya's 'Shawn' with Zoya's 'Pippa' and OPI's 'Sweet Heart', for the black O used L.A. Colors' Art Deco--Black, all topped off with two coats of Seche Vite

How I did it:

First using Seche Clear I painted a clear base

Next I painted two coats of Zoya's 'Shawn'

Using Orly's 'Prince Charming' I painted a few random spots

To make the lighter green I mixed OPI's 'Sweet Heart', Zoya's 'Pippa', and Zoya's 'Shawn'
I painted around the brown spots that  I had  painted previously

Using LA Color's Art Deco--Black I "filled" in the spaces
 (be sure that some of the base green color shows through too)

All topped off with two coats of Seche Vite

P.s. please excuse the blurry photos, I'm still working on my photography skills lol
       I hope this helps : D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Meltiiiing....

I've been tagged! I was super excited to do this post because it was my first tag. I was tagged by Cristina from Opinionated Little Finger  and just knew I had to do it. The Challenge rules:

1. Go to your lacquer stash
2. CLOSE your eyes and pull 3 random items - JUST 3
3. Create a mani from them
4. Post your mani when you post the tag
5. Tag 3 bloggers
The colors I chose were quite interesting (rose/maroon, lavender, creme) and didn't necessarily go together but I made it work lol! The second challenge was figuring out what design to do with such random colors, I was asking my sisters but uhhh yea, no help lol (just kidding sisters I love y'all). Anyhow as the base was drying it just popped in my head so I gave it a shot. I was going for melted ice cream tips...mmmmm ice when its so good you can't eat it fast enough and it begins to dribble all down your hands, yum!

P.S. it was so awkward trying to hold the bottle (the creme color) that way with my left hand, in my right hand I'm holding the lavender color, I don't have another hand to hold the maroon color in but I'm going to say it's name below...

For the base I used Orly's 'Spice', for the bottom dribbles I used OPI's 'Sweet Heart', for the top dribble I used OPI's 'Done Out in Deco' and topped it with two coats of Seche Vite

I have tagged  Eva from
                      Lenae from
                      Kristyn from

Hopefully none of them have been tagged already

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blossomed with Cherries

I was racking my brain on what type of Easter design I wanted to do and all I was seeing was either bunnies, baby chicks, or eggs...oh and a basket too. So I went with something that has nothing to do with Easter, cherry blossoms....perhaps I can say spring nails instead lol. These are my first flowers but they won't be the last, thats for sure. Doing flowers provide an endless opportunity to mix colors and really get creative, which is the best part of doing nail designs. Oooo and I even added a few rhinestones for some pizazz.....Whooohooo!!!!

As a base I used Orly's 'Dazzle', for the branches I used L.A. Color Art Deco--Black, for the base of the flower I used Sally Hansen SALON's 'All the White Stuff', over that I used Orly's 'It's Not Me, It's You', for the very center of the flower I used Finger Paints' 'Art Nouveau Glow', and on some nails I used a few rhinestones, all topped off with 2 coats of Seche Vite

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

I absolutely looooove Wildberry Skittles...aka the purple pack! Sure the blue pack is tasty too but its no match to purple. It seems to be a challenge to find them around these here parts lol. So since I can't always find them I decided to paint them (and make the design my new profile pic). YUMMY! I think I'm bout to go buy some now lol

Mmmmmmm...taste the rainbow....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ready, Check, Go!

I totally was gonna post last night but 10p turned into midnight, and then time kept running away from me, I couldn't seem to catch it lol! But naturally I am a night owl so staying up is almost routine (but of course I  had to get some beauty rest heeheehee).  Now to the nails, this is my funky rendition of the checkerboard design. Theres so many colors that look good together besides the traditional black and white I wanted something a tad adventurous, ooooo perhaps glitter next time! Green and yellow, green and yellow, green and yellow.....and no it has nothing to do with the Greenbay Packers ;). 

I used China Glaze's 'Turned Up Turquoise' as a base and Zoya's 'Poppy' for the pinky and thumb base. I used Stripe Rite--Yellow, for the checker boxes, topped off with two coats of Seche Vite.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bright Spots

I wanted to do cheetah print but, in a funky way so I spiced it up by using neon colors. I couldn't pick just two so i picked all the ones that jumped out at me. Bust out the shades these are outta sight!
P.S. I need to jump on these cuticles, looking a hot mess lol

I used China Glaze's 'Towel Boy Toy', 'Pool Party', Yellow Polka Dot Bikini', L.A Color's Art Deco--Black, and Seche Vite as a top and base coat

Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to my world!

I finally did it! I started a nail blog, yay me! Lol...I honestly enjoy painting nails and just wanted to share some fun ideas that roll around in this head of mine. I hope you all enjoy!