Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Oh the joys of experiments, from creating some awesome chemical in chemistry class to trying out every hot pink til you find the one that's most visible from across the room, experiments are FUN! I still remember making a tie dye shirt my sophomore year in highschool (and yes I still have it) that was probably one of the best assignments in the class. (I also enjoyed the one where I wrote/sang a song about 'iron' from the chart of elements, our assignment was to 'present' an element and I got stuck with iron, so I had to think outside the box---embarrassing yet fun and I'd do it again) Tie-dyed items seem to be popping up everywhere and I've always wanted to create another shirt, so instead I painted my nails, at least the way I interpreted tie-dye. I'm gonna continue to perfect this one, I believe I will be able to capture tie-dye...I can do it! (in my Rob Schneider voice lol)

As a base I used Sally Hansen SALON's 'All the White Stuff'. For the 'dyes' I used all China Glaze neon colors, 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'--hot yellow, 'Pool Party'--hot pink, 'Sun Worshiper'--hot orange, 'Towel Boy Toy'--hot blue, and 'Kiwi Cool-ada'--hot green, all topped off with two coats of Seche Vite


  1. I like these a lot!! I really like the colors you choose as well!:)

  2. i love lefty thumb it looks like a heart!

    shel xx

  3. Digging the Nails Woman.